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Dent-Pro is a independently and locally operated business located in Cobourg, ON.  We pride ourselves on Quality, Reliable, Fast Professional Service, where customer service is our main priority.  Every dent that is repaired by Dent-Pro has a satisfaction guarantee to meet high quality professional standards and to have your car looking like new. Our name and reputation is on everything we repair.

Mobile Service

Our mobile PDR service is all about customer service.  We make sure you have a hassle free experience by coming to you.  No need to drop your car off for days, like at the body shop; we will come to you and do the repair at your work, your home, or in the parking lot while you watch your kids in the park.  Most dents can be repaired in a matter of hours. If you would like to drop your car off for a repair this service is also provided.  Contact us for more information or 905-269-8817

Repair Time/Cost

PDR takes less time and labour to repair dings, dents and crease than going to the body shop.  By using Dent-Pro you could benefit from SAVINGS as much as 80%. So make sure to call or send a picture of your dent to Dent-Pro first for your free quote. Send us a few pictures to
For most dings, dents, or creases, repair time should take between 1-4 hours to make a good quality repair.  
Dent-Pro will match or beat any estimate from any other reputable PDR company by at least 10%.

Vehicle Lease Return

Dent-Pro can save you money by removing dings, dents, or creases from your leased vehicles before you return it to the dealership.  Dings, Dents, and Creases are the # 1 "excessive wear and tear" charge on vehicle lease returns and trade-ins.


Dent-Pro is dedicated to delivering the highest most professional repair on every damaged vehicle we service.


Dent-Pro has a satisfaction guarantee.  We will explain what the dent will look like once it has been repaired in detail to our customer to make sure they will be satisfied with the repair.


All estimates by Dent-Pro are FREE and good for 30 days.  For a quick easy estimate e-mail photos of your dings, dents, or creases to or call 905-269-8817.  Please include your vehicle make, model and year. (ex 2008 Toyota Tundra)


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Dent-Pro will review all comments and reply in a timely manner. Dent-Pro would like to thank you for visiting our site.


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For a FREE quick quote send us the picture of your ding, dent or crease

Take the picture a few feet away from the dent at approximately a 45º angle

Please provide the year, make, and model of your vehicle (ex. 2008 Toyota Tundra)


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