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What is PDR?

    PDR is known as Paintless Dent Repair.  This is a skill used by technicians to repair dings, dents, and creases from a vehicle without the use of automotive body filler and paint.  The technician uses special tools designed for paintless dent repair to massage or work dents out from the backside of the vehicles' panel.   This process allows the vehicle to keep the factory paint intact.

What are the Benefits to PDR?

    Quality is the biggest benefit.  Having a PDR  technician repair a ding, dent or crease is the best way to keep the vehicle in its original condition. 
    Cost is another major benefit of using PDR.  A typical estimate for minor dings, dents or creases, from a body shop range between $250- $500+.  The same dent can usually be repaired for $75-$150 using PDR techniques.  This is why many people and insurance companies are now coming to PDR technicians first, before going to the body shops for repairs.

Can any size dent be repaired?

    A variety of dents with different shapes and sizes can be repaired.  However, the depth, sharpness, and location of the dent will determine if PDR can be performed.

What if the Paint is Chipped or Cracked?

    Many small impacts on vehicles painted surface are often just an abrasion ( paint transfer from one panel to another).   This abrasion can normally be removed by polishing or rubbing off the marks with a polishing compound when we remove the dent.  If there is a chip in the paint, the dent can still be repaired and factory touch up paint can be applied.  This is a technique used frequently and is an acceptable repair.  It is better than repainting the panel and blending other panels to try and match the finish, as would be done at a body shop.

I took my vehicle to the body shop to get an estimate for repairing my dents.  They said they would need my vehicle for minimum 2 days! Does PDR take the same length of time?

    2 or more days at the body shop is normal.  With PDR your repair would be completed within a few hours.  So while you are at work, shopping, having lunch or watching your kids sporting events Dent-Pro can fix your dings, dents or creases.  Most repairs can be completed within 1-4 hours.  Dent-Pro  prides itself on QUALITY, RELIABLE, FAST  SAME DAY SERVICE!

What are some more advantages of PDR over going to the body shop?

    The main advantage of PDR over the conventional body shop is that the original paint finish remains in tact.  Today's body shops have come a long way in improving paints, but nothing is as good as your factory paint application.  Factory paint is baked on at 300º or higher, making the paint very resilient to the elements.  Body shops bake their paint at around 140º.  This is why in a few years the paint starts to fade from being in the elements, causing the value of your vehicle to go down.
A few other advantages are: Quick repair times, vehicle value increases (over taking it to a body shop), smaller repair costs (you can save 1/3 or more with PDR), and WE COME TO YOU!

Are holes drilled in my vehicle?

    Dent-Pro is very knowledgeable with access points in many different types of vehicles.  Many vehicles have access holes that can be used, but from time to time access holes may need to be made to reach a ding, dent, or crease. If Dent-Pro needs to make an access point it will be done in a professional manner and once the repair is completed it will be sealed or plugged.

Will my dent be 100% repaired?

    On minor dents, in most cases yes.  The deeper the dent the more difficult the repair.  Even on larger dents, once the repair is completed most people can not believe the results.  At Dent-Pro we always explain in detail what the dent will look like once completed before any work is started.

Will my dent come back?

    NO.  Once the dent has been repaired with PDR techniques it will not come back. 
If you have the dent repaired at a body shop you will:  
1. Pay more.
2. After a few months a "ring" might appear around the location where the dent was repaired.  This is where the paint as "sunk" into the body filler
3. You may see sand scratches.   This happens when body filler is applied and sanded down to look smooth
4. And the paint will start to fade from the elements.
These 4 issues will never happen with Paintless Dent Repair

Can every panel on a vehicle be reached?

    95% of the vehicle panels are accessible by factory holes, gaps or drilling access holes.  If an area can not be reached, glue pulling may be an option.

What is Glue Pulling?

       Glue pulling is another PDR technique used by PDR technicians.  We use special glue and pulling techniques to removal a dent in areas that have limited or no access.  This type of repair can only be done on factory painted vehicles.

I have a leased vehicle.  Can PDR help me save money?

    Yes we can!  Dent-Pro can remove those dents for much less than the  "excessive wear and tear" on your vehicle's exterior which the dealership will charge you for.

I have multiple dents, is there a discount for more than one?

    Yes, we do offer discounts for multiple dents.  Depending on the size, shape, depth and number of dents we can provide a lower rate for the additional dents. 

How do I know who to trust to repair my vehicle?

    Dent-pro prides itself on Quality, Fast and Reliable Professional Service and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. 

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